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About Us - Company Profile July 25, 2024
Pioneer Technology has been providing a wide range of engineering, computing and network services worldwide. Pioneer Technology gives you access to a technology SWAT Team, a pool of highly-trained, experienced cyber security and engineering professionals who can help you with all your cyber security and engineering needs. Outsourcing some or all your technical services and projects can both reduce your costs, while at the same time maintain, and even increase your competitiveness. In addition, for companies in the United States, Pioneer Technology provides an extra level of security being an 100% American owned and based company.

Pioneer Technology can take on a complete project (or troubled subsections) for a client, delivering the project as per the client specification and time line. In addition, we can provide a technical team to replace an ongoing function or provide value-added total project services as you need them.

Many corporations turn to Pioneer Technology to assist their staff when project schedules, advances in technology, or lack of manpower will cause project delays. We have an outstanding record of doing excellent work and completing projects on time.

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