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Services - Automation & Engineering July 25, 2024
Pioneer Technology has extensive project development and production experience using the tools of technology, both for in-house and client site projects. We have access to full CADD/CAM/CAE facilities along with a complete electronics lab and manufacturing facilities for limited run electronics (Analog / Digital / surface mount - SAE/Aero/ Mil Specs).

1.) Automation (Office, Manufacturing, Utilities, Government and Laboratory) - Pioneer Technology can assist you in your automation needs from Power Plants, Underground mining, Water Treatment, Chemical process controls to factory automation. Our experience encompasses the complete Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) process control spectrum, from Bar Coding, Data Acquisition, Process Control (PLC/PCs), Secured communications, remote sensors, hazardous environment system integration to Laser drilling/cutting to Robotics Work cell development and installation.

2.) Custom Machine Development -

Custom Machines for normal, and unique environments;
Automated Test Fixtures,
High Speed Lasers,
Unique Automation,
Mobile and fixed Robotics solutions,
Advanced Controls and Vision Solutions.

3.) Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Data Acquisition, and Data Analysis - Embedded Control, DSP - (TI, AMD, Motorola, Fuji), PC, RISC, VME. We can provide from the chip level/board level/system level development, both software and hardware development for all your DSP and DA requirements, QS/ISO/MIL/Aero specifications.

4.) Control Systems and Network Development - Pioneer can assist you in Control Systems Development (High Speed Rail, Automotive-engine management control, robotics, fixture automation, display automation, vehicle networking, etc.) and implementing the most advanced control theory (Fuzzy Logic).

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
Proportional Integral Derivative (PID)
Fuzzy Logic
Embedded Controllers (Motorola, PICs, Intel)
Industrial/Utility PC's, PLC's
SCADA - Power Plant, Water Treatment
DSP - TI, AMD, Motorola.
In-Vehicle Networking (CAN, SAE Multiplex standards)
Remote Vehicle Networking (GPs, Auto-Tracking and Schedule)

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