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Services - Cyber Security July 25, 2024
Who is guarding your company's electronic frontier from the electronic wolves of today?

Pioneer Technology, since 1995, has been assisting companies with their growing e-Security needs. Information Security, INFOSEC or as we term it e-Security, is a Dynamic environment. The opposition is international, in all time zones, who update their tactics and technology on almost a daily schedule. We can assist you in safeguarding your sensitive company information from this aggressive intrusion - from the outside, or inside of your organization.

Pioneer Technology can create, implement and manage for you, a detailed tactical and strategic plan to safeguard your enterprise. Your specific organization environment, network, computers and Commerce system will be secured with adaptive cyber security strategy within managed services.

Pioneer Technology, provides extensive real world security experience based on our CISO advisory services covering your enterprise, but with subject matter expertice within SCADA/Control systems, typically found in power, water, refinery, automation systems down to medical embedded systems and the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, Pioneer Technology has experience with the cyber security issues surrounding today’s Military and Law Enforcement weapon and information systems.

We can provide your company with a full service cyber security solution, from CISO advisory to address Strategy, Policy and Planning (SPP), Threat intelligence and mitigation to Risk assessments. In addition, Pioneer Technology can provide managed cyber security services, smart network agents, secure Big Data, robotics to biometrics.

We can provide you with a secure enterprise environment Commerce to protect your sensitive information (Intellectual Property - IP), covering such areas as Government and Commercial regulatory mandates and governance (FISMA, NIST, FEDRamp, SOX, HIPAA, Patient Privacy Act), that will exceed current and planned regulations.

If you consider your organization information as valuable, then remember Pioneer Technology as your Cyber Security solution provider.

Cyber Security (e-Security) Threat Assessment

International, 24x7, changing tactics, changing threats.

We at Pioneer Technology treat e-Security as you would a war, with layered defenses and tactics tested on thousands of battlefields around the globe through out time.

Since no e-security products are 100%, we combine tactics, strategy and interlocking technology defenses to provide our initial wall against cyber invasion.

But once battle is joined, then it is up to the experts behind the defensive systems to identify, isolate, and then limit the damage from the threat. From hacking attempts from nation state hacker teams to adaptive malware the threat must be stopped. Your systems, networks, and data integrity are the key to tomorrow's battles.

Pioneer Technology managed e-Security monitoring services defend you in cyberspace 24x7 with a wide range of cyber security services and agents. These agents, smart programs if you will, with human experts working with them, provides for your immediate defense against internal and external threats.

For complete Risk Assessment services contact Pioneer Technology Now.

Pioneer technology provides a full range of e-Security services using
the best security products to cover your needs in the ever changing
e-Security marketplace:
  •   SPP - Strategy, Policy and Planning
  •   CISO Advisory
  •   Cloud / Big Data security
  •   Incident Response
  •   Vehicle Cyber Security - V2V, Mesh, Infotainment
  •   Cyber Security Penetration assessment, Fuzz Testing.
  •   Wireless (uWave/LTE/WiFI/RF) Scanning and vulnerability audits
  •   Information Assurance: Security assessments of software - SDLC.
  •   SCADA - Cyber Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)
  •   SCADA Automation/Power/Alternative Energy/Water system cybersecurity experience
  •   eHealth, HIPAA and audits and compliance reviews
  •   Extensive Factory/Power/Water SCADA system e-Security experience
  •   Embedded systems Cyber security - Medical systems
  •   Embedded systems Cyber security - Drones (UAV, UUV, etc)
  •   Secured encrypted Email solutions
  •   Emergency fly away response teams
  •   Computer & Network forensics
  •   Managed e-Security Services - SOC - 24x7x365 protection
  •   Intrusion detection Systems (IDS)
  •   Hardened Infrastructure
  •   Cyber Security Intelligence and Counter Intelligence
  •   Intelligent Security Smart Agent development
  •   Malware reverse engineering.

Contact Pioneer Technology for a detailed overview of our services or
to discuss your specific requirements

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