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Services - Forensics July 25, 2024
Computer, Network and Engineering Forensics

Pioneer Technology offers a range of digital forensics services to assist our clients with solving some of their most complicated problems as a complimentary effort of Pioneer e-Security services. These services are offered through a combination of methods, advance digital tools and experience to discover information that may provide answers to many of these challenges.

Pioneer Technology professionals have been performing digital forensic services for over 25 years, with a combined total of 35 years in total computer technology background experience. Our professionals utilize the latest in data collection and analysis techniques to provide our clients with the timely and accurate information discovery that is demanded in todays court rooms.
• Digital evidence collection
• Digital evidence analysis
• Interrogatory support
• Expert witness testimony
• Employee termination computer reviews
• Incident response.
• Reverse Engineering Support
Pioneer Technology forensic analysis starts once we have made multiple bit for bit mirror images of the system. The system could be a hardrive, a black box (Aerospace/Automotive) or a factory floor robot controller - all without accessing the system operating system. We have the experience to capture harddrive, Static RAM, EPROM, FPGA and Embedded chip memory and program space. Once we’ve gathered the data, the work really begins. This is the forensic analysis phase-when we search through the information captured for any and all relevant evidence. The work can be performed on site or at our labs. A thorough, documented, careful forensic analysis is critical to the success of your case.

During the forensic analysis, our team employs a variety of techniques to find hidden or forgotten evidence. With the use of super computers and various software tools, Pioneer Technology can recover deleted or password-protected files, crack any encrypted files, unlocked chip sets (FPGA, Embedded, etc..), uncover an event or chain of events. Even gaps in data or file erasures can be revealing to your legal team.

These efforts can lead to a fairly detailed picture of fraud, sabotage, IP Theft or conspiracy. Even with just bits of data-fragments of memos, for example-we are often able to identify wrongdoing. Cases involving trade secrets, commercial disputes, employment discrimination, misdemeanor or felony crimes, personal injury, can be won or lost solely with the introduction of recovered e-mail messages and other electronic files and records.

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