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Services - Super Computer July 25, 2024
Intro to Pioneer Technology's Super Computers

We use Super Computers in our e-Security, e-Forensic, Testing and Engineering consulting services. Why? Speed and power. You can do things with a super computer that you just can not do with a laptop, or a workstation.

With the drop in high speed computing costs, we can offer you access to the same sources we use in accessing supercomputers. You can now access the same super computers from Universities and non-profits to run your organization application, Dedicated, or shared, in most cases batch mode access. Pioneer Technology consultants can assist you in selection of resources, development, setup and execution of your efforts.

Examples of the systems we have access to include Silicon Graphics (SGI), Beowulf Clusters, up to Cray class super computers. These systems are capable of taking on your most intense computing applications ranging from data modeling, engineering to security.

Why should you consider using a super computers?

Well as an example of an application, you could use super computers for data mining to security. Are there more applications? Yes, from Test simulations to engineering and risk analysis using super computers just makes sense.

What Applications can you run?

Most super computers are capable of running a wide range of 3rd party applications which are readily available, subject to obtaining the necessary client licenses for use. Most Super computer sites Pioneer has contracted with in the past include many popular applications already loaded. Contact Pioneer Technology consultants for additional details.

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